Grooming is vital for a bird as they don’t always have the tools, the activity, or the need to keep them down themselves. Of course we want to try and encourage foraging, shredding, perches of all sizes and textures, increase activity, etc. to mimic as close to their natural behavior as possible, but in captivity we tend to spoil our birds a bit. We are here to help, and have over 20 years experience in grooming birds of all sizes, types, and problems, such as scissor beaks, overgrowth, etc.  
Our full groom includes wings, beak, and nails, but of course this is dependent on you as the owner, and the needs of the bird. We are always going to be honest and upfront about what needs done, as well as what may not need done. Our intention is to always do what is best for your bird.
Small Grooms

Small Grooms include Finches, Canaries, Budgies (Parakeets), Cockatiels, & other small birds. 

Medium-Small Grooms

Medium-Small Grooms include All conures, Quakers, Senegals, Caiques, & other Medium-small birds.

Medium- Large Grooms

Medium-Large Grooms include Amazons, African Greys, Ecelctus, Cockatoos, & other Medium-Large birds.

Large Grooms

Large Grooms includes all species of Macaws

How to Prepare & What to Expect
We ask that you bring your bird in a carrier. This reduces the stress, and risk when taking your bird. When a bird is on you the owner, this increases risk of biting you or us (even if they have never bit before, when a bird knows they are about to experience an unpleasant thing, this is their defense), it increases the risk of flying or running away from being toweled, and it increases the stress level. If a bird is in the carrier we can easily reach in the carrier with a towel, and properly towel the bird to complete the task faster, and more efficiently.
You are more than welcome to watch us groom, or if you aren’t comfortable you are free to shop in the store, or drop your bird of during the groom. On average the grooming takes five to ten minutes, if we aren’t busy in the store, and of course depending on the size, and condition of the bird.
There is always risk involved no matter what when grooming any animal. We do our best to groom quickly, and efficiently minimizing potential risk. We do ask that you sign a one time waiver, which we will keep on file.