-Weekly Safety Checklist

Weekly Safety Checklist

There is no such thing as a toy, cage, perch, or any other item that is 100% bird safe. It is important to regularly check everything to avoid potential hazards. Here is a basic checklist to help keep your feathered friends safe!


o   Look at all toys and perches with rope or string: if there are long pieces, frayed, or knotted pieces trim them down to avoid your bird getting stuck

o   Check your bird’s nails and beak: are these curving to where they are getting caught up on carpet, clothing, or toys and perches? If yes, it is probably time to trim. Temporarily take out the item being stuck on to avoid injury

o   Check all wire or plastic chain: has the bird pried them open to where they could hook their feet or beak in them? If yes, remove completely.

o   Check all plastic and hard toys. Has your bird chewed them to where there are sharp pieces, cracks they could get stuck in, etc.?

o   Inspect the cage itself. Has the bird broken the welding, or chewed through something it could get stuck in, sneak out of the cage, or cut itself on?

o   Are all toy clips, clamps, or other hardware securely fastened?

o   Are all parts of the cage where they should be? The tray pushed all the way in, doors latched correctly, etc.


Daily Health Check for a Sick Bird Checklist


o   Is your bird alert & active

o   Is your bird clear eyed

o   Is your bird eating or pooping less than normal

o   Is your bird puffed up all the time

o   Is your bird on the bottom of the cage

o   Is your bird lethargic


It is always a great idea to take your bird in for an annual checkup. This way you have an established relationship with an Avian Vet, and have all baseline information on your bird such as weight. If at any time you notice any of the above symptoms or changes, it is recommended that you contact your Avian Vet quickly. When a bird is showing symptoms often times they are quite sick, because they naturally hide their symptoms.